Monday, September 30, 2013

Creating Macros (LARUG Sept 2013)

At the LARUG Sept 2013 meeting (video here: I presented on Revit Macros. As promised I would do a follow up of the process, links to tools, and the macros themselves. In this post I will give you everything to download and I will follow up with separate posts about each macro over the next few days.

Here are the downloads and links:

Revit Software Development kits
Revit Development Blogs
Revit Macro/Programming Tools
Macros (Individual posts to follow)
* Disclaimer: I am not an expert in programming, so the macros below may or may not work and I hold no responsibility to any problems they may cause your projects.
* Disclaimer #2: Fill free to use and edit these macros, but please give credit if you republish them.

* I included install instructions in the Revit Lookup zip files and the LARUG zip file. If you have questions on how to install these, leave a comment below.