Thursday, October 17, 2013

Open Source Macros for Revit

Last week several people on Twitter started a discussion of having a way to collect and share Revit macros for the Revit community. Luke (What Revit Wants) suggested that we use an open source repository to collect and manage the macros. Eventually, Harry (BoostYourBim) setup a repository on BitBucket (

I have since added a few of my macros and plan to add all the existing ones. I will continue to contribute the macros I create for myself as well for LARUG. Follow Harry's instructions below to get the macros added to your Revit folder from BitBucket. Then whenever there are changes just pull them down to your computer and you will have all the macros in Revit ready to use.

What Revit Wants: Public Macro Repository for Revit
BoostYourBIM: A public Git repository for sharing Revit Macros at BitBucket

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